DMR 800D SkyWave Terminal

DMR 800D SkyWave Terminal
$ 955.00
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The DMR 800D SkyWave Terminal, operating on SkyWave's global IsatM2M network, offers customers looking to track, monitor and control remote fixed and mobile assets a low-cost terminal and network solution that is easy to use, install and maintain.

With reliable two-way communication, 5 Ocean Region coverage, low latency and low setup costs, the DMR-800D is ideal for applications ranging from fleet management and security to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) telemetry.

Programming and customizing the DMR-800D terminal is easy. SkyWave's feature-rich development tools are industry-leading and allow customers to easily program applications and get to market faster. The processing power in the DMR-800D is ideal for today's sophisticated and high-value applications.

DMR-800D offers low power modes of operation which are specifically designed to allow customers to deploy the terminal in remote unmanned locations where long battery life is critical.

  • • Two-way communication
  • • Seamless global coverage
  • • Customizable and easy programming interface
  • • Low message latency
  • • Exception-based reporting
  • • Low power consumption
  • • Discrete input/output feeds
  • • Messaging Options
  • • Flexible Billing Plans
  • • Easy installation and maintenance
  • • Over-the-air programming

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