SkyWave SureLinx 8100 Satellite/GPRS Terminal

SkyWave SureLinx 8100 Satellite/GPRS Terminal
$ 1,110.00
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SkyWave SureLinx 8100 Satellite/GPRS Terminal is a dependable, fullyintegrated D+/GPRS wireless controller. It sets the standard for reliable asset tracking and management systems at a low overall total cost. The SureLinx 8100 ensures that your applications are delivered with lowest cost message routing using GPRS/EDGE networks when your assets are in cellular coverage, automatically switching to SkyWave D+/IsatM2M satellite service where necessary, maintaining a critical life-line link to your assets. Assets moving anywhere in the world are visible and reachable at all times by your business operations.

The SureLinx 8100 is a compact device with quad-band GPRS and SkyWave D+/IsatM2M satellite transceivers, GPS, discrete input/output feeds and a programmable controller. Program the device to report by time, distance, Geofence or any other criteria to meet your specific application needs. A single device and interface to both GPRS and D+/IsatM2M networks eliminates many additional components and integration issues, allowing you to build more robust

  • • Compact & inconspicuous
  • • Quad-band GSM/GPRS
  • • SkyWave D+ and IsatM2M support
  • • Global roaming
  • • Least-cost message routing
  • • Optional message priorities
  • • Common exception reports
  • • Long GPRS-only messages
  • • Exception-based reports
  • • Over-the-air programming
  • • Expandable inputs/outputs
  • • Geofence capabilities
  • • Integrated Data Log

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