SkyLink 5100 - Iridium Certus

$ 2,925.00

Kit Includes:

  • Dual Mode Data Gateway
  • Maruwa antenna
  • Wall Mount Hardware Kit
  • 4 different Kit Bundles
    SkyLink IoT Kit Bundle Accessories TBD
    SkyLink Portable Kit Bundle Accessories TBD
    SkyLink Land Mobil Kit Bundle Accessories TBD
    SkyLink Maritime Kit Bundle Accessories TBD
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A performance-driven device and user management platform for remote, mobile, and global operations. This system leverages Iridium's award-winning satellite technology and Global Line of Sight coverage, plus local GSM/LTE networks to create a powerful, dual-mode managed network solution unlike any other. 

Designed for you as Infrastructure as a Service, the SkyLink Cloud Services solutions is specifically engineered to capture and disseminate mission-critical information and display it in a secure online portal. Using RS232, connect legacy sensors to the cloud for complete visibility of your assets. Customizable reports, activity alerts, and dashboard work around the clock, making sure important details are recorded in real-time, anytime, and anywhere in the world. 

Devices can be installed in a vehicle, carried by a lone worker, affixed to an outdoor mast, or mounted inside a building, vessel, or aircraft. Required antennas and mounting accessories vary per use.

  • •Dual-mode cellular & Iridium Certus
  • •Cloud based network eco-system
  • •2 high-quality voice channels
  • •Internet/VPN access
  • •App based Push-To-Talk
  • •Messaging
  • •Local WiFi connectivity
  • •Can transport data from legacy devices
  • •External inputs and output
  • •Remote monitoring/tracking and configuration

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