Explorer 8120 1.2 Stabilized, Auto Acquire, Drive-Away Antenna System w/ Scalable BUC options

$ 32,000.00

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Kit Includes:

  • Carbon Fiber Reflector for Mutli-Band Operation
  • Offset Ku Band Feed
  • Multi-band LNB for International Use
  • 1RU EXPLORER Antenna Control Unit (500W Power Supply)(w/ purchase of 8W BUC)
  • 1RU EXPLORER Antenna Control Unit (1000W Power Supply)(w/ purchase of 20W BUC)
  • Built-in Wifi
  • Web-based User Interface for Easy Configuration
  • Optional purchase of hard case
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EXPLORER 8120 is the newest member of the EXPLORER 8000
family of VSAT terminals. A unique Dynamic Pointing Correction
technology and an advanced carbon fiber reflector makes
the EXPLORER 8120 (1.2m) the most
advanced Auto-Acquire Drive-Away VSAT antennas available.

EXPLORER 8120 is developed completely in-house by Cobham
SATCOM. It features genuine and rugged EXPLORER design, which
is already established and proven with Cobham SATCOM’s highly
regarded EXPLORER BGAN and GX terminals.
It is designed to offer unparalleled Comms-On-The-Pause
performance, ensuring high-quality connectivity that is available
even when other antennas would have lost their connection to
the satellite. In the field, this means you can count on EXPLORER
8120 to provide you with vital communications whatever the

  • • Rugged, Reliable 1.2m Auto-Acquire Drive-Away Antenna
  • • Single Piece 1.2m Offset Feed Carbon Fiber Reflector for exceptional performance
  • • Built-in Wifi and a Web-based User Interface for easy PC and Smartphone Configuration
  • • Precision Polarization Drive
  • • Harmonic Drive Gear systems
  • • Dynamic Pointing Correction technology and inclined orbit satellite tracking
  • • Available w/ 8W BUC option
  • • Advanced Blocking Zone Functionality

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