Explorer 3075 0.75m Ku-Band Manual Fly-Away Antenna System 20w BUC

Explorer 3075 0.75m Ku-Band Manual Fly-Away Antenna System 20w BUC
$ 27,000.00

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Kit Includes:

  • Segmented four-piece Carbon Fiber Reflector
  • Ku-Band Feed
  • 20W Watt extended range BUC
  • Multi-Band LNB
  • 30' Rx/Tx Cables
  • 48VDC Power Supply Unit
  • 2 Pelican Storm Case packup
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This Manual Fly-Away system provides users with a lightweight, ruggedized, and modular mobile terminal capable of Ku-band operation. Its ease of use allows for operators with minimal satellite experience to access any broadband application within minutes.

EXPLORER 3075 is developed completely in-house by Cobham SATCOM. It features genuine EXPLORER design, which is already established and proven with Cobham SATCOM’s highly regarded EXPLORER BGAN and VSAT terminals. Its unique design and system versatility ensures high-quality connectivity, which means you can count on EXPLORER 3075 to provide you with vital communication whatever the conditions.

  • • Multiple bands and G/T & EIRP levels
  • • 4-Piece Carbon Fiber Reflector
  • • 0.75m Axis-Symmetric Reflector
  • • Rugged and lightweight (<23 lbs / 10.4 kg)
  • • • Single Case Configuration, Airline Checkable
  • • Fast assembly and easy pointing
  • • Lightweight Tripod and Panning Head

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