ViaSat Exede Enterprise Terminal 75cm

$ 1,500.00
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The ViaSat Exede Enterprise Terminal 75cm is designed for users of Exede Enterprise services who require high throughput connectivity at fixed locations. Whether at a location for only a few months or several years, businesses, oil and gas workers, remote medical and peace workers, and emergency responders can now easily benefit from high-speed Internet even in locations where no other communications infrastructure is available.

The 75 cm terminals enable fast web browsing and support
video streaming, file transfers, VPN connections, and bandwidthintensive
Internet applications on the Exede Enterprise service which has downstream rates up to 15 Mbps and upstream rates up to 5 Mbps. The terminals are capable of delivering higher speeds based on the

service package specific to customers’ needs. These terminals allow the flexibility to be used with fixed site or roaming service plans. The modem delivers a faster, more responsive user experience, with an embedded acceleration client that works with acceleration servers in the network. With a customer supplied router, the terminal can support multiple user IP devices, such as PCs, cameras, WiFi access points, VoIP
phones as well as other user equipment.

The 75 cm system is a more compact package and ideal when space is a concern or a limited duration deployment. 

  • • Non-penetrating mount for easy setup
  • • Single IFL cable from the modem to the RF allowing for reduced installation time
  • • High-speed two-way performance on the Exede Network with up to 15 Mbit/s downstream and 5 Mbit/s upstream
  • • Built-in TCP and web acceleration
  • • High quality 1 RU metal chassis designed for rack mounting or desktop use
  • • High power 4 W P1 dB output power amplifier
  • • Setup in less than 1 hour
  • • High-speed Internet access
  • • Remote office connectivity extending the corporate network
  • • Temporary communications for energy, government, broadcast and disaster recovery
  • • Business continuity