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SATRAD MATRIX iSeries comprises a family of products to permit users to communicate, anywhere. The SATRAD MATRIX iSeries BC integrates satellite communications with dispatch consoles.

Always Available:
You can depend on the satellite back-haul to provide reliable, ubiquitous coverage no matter where you are. Satellite back-haul eliminates reliance on radio towers, land lines and fiber. Your communications system cannot be interrupted by an errant backhoe operator accidentally cutting through a fiber-optic cable. Weather events such as hurricanes can devastate radio towers and related infrastructure, however our satellite back-haul is secure, riding high above the storms.

Reliable and Consistent:
The SATRAD MATRIX is closely integrated with the satellite communications network. Network Innovation’s engineers have recognized that in dispatch centers, especially during emergencies, consistency of operation is of paramount importance. Communications via terrestrial radio should not differ from communications over the satellite communications system. The SATRAD MATRIX ensures a dispatcher need only push to talk and immediately commence speaking. There are no “go-ahead” tones, the user experience is consistent with dispatching on terrestrial radio.