SATRAD iSeries Wall Mount

SATRAD iSeries Wall Mount
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SATRAD iSeries Wall Mount is a robust, compact enclosure suitable for environmental challenging conditions. The unit includes, power supply, standby battery and an intelligent battery charger. The enclosure is ideal for use at remote communications tower sites or in dispatch/telecommunications centers.

Reliable Operation:
The SATRAD Wall Mount features a high efficiency power supply supporting operation from 100 VAC to 240 VAC. The unit incorporates a battery and intelligent battery charger to ensure continued operation of the transceiver in the event of a power failure. In view of the requirements for emergency services operations, the power system has been carefully designed to ensure the SATRAD iSeries transceiver will continue to seamlessly operate during the transition from external AC power to the built-in battery. The intelligent battery charger prevents the battery from being overcharged, a key cause of battery failure over time. The intelligent charger ensures the battery is fully charged by boosting the charging voltage for a short duration as the battery nears capacity.

Visual Status:
The SATRAD Wall Mount features four visual status indicators to inform users at a glance of the condition of the system. The four indicators are shown below: