MSAT G2 PSTN Interface

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When connected to the MSAT G2 PSTN Interface, the MSAT-PSTN Interface provides traditional dialing capability, dial tone, and ring tones. It further augments the MSAT-G2 radio’s effectiveness by allowing users to remotely initiate or receive voice calls utilizing a portable cordless telephone. Additionally, the MSAT-PSTN Interface enables Push-to-Talk (PTT) functionality using an analog telephone. Users can initiate/respond to PTT calls and toggle between talkgroups using specific telephone key sequences.

    • • Analog telephone connection (RJ-11)
    • • Access to PTT functions via analog phone (PTT, talkgroup toggling etc.)
    • • Differential Ringing - Different ring tones identify different call types (Telephone or PTT)
    • • Ringer Equivalency (REN) = 3
    • • Interface is powered by the MSAT-G2 radios power source