MSAT G2 Antenna Only LM-F

MSAT G2 Antenna Only LM-F
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The power of the MSAT G2 Antenna Only LM-F is its Dispatch Push-To-Talk radio capability. Perfect for broadcast, (one-to-many)over satellite communications. This kit houses all the basic components in one Ruggedized Hard Case, supports both AC and DC power in addition to an internal battery power solution that can operate the G2 in standby mode for up to 6 hours. A must for Public Safety professionals. The MSAT-G2 radio supports continent-wide group and private Push-to-Talk (PTT) communications and the origination and reception of telephone calls. Additional features include GPS capability and flexible interconnectivity to a variety of 3rd party interfaces, and advanced satellite tracking capabilities, ensuring users can communicate regardless of where they are located. 

    • • Satellite Imagery
    • • Historical Track Information
    • • Group & Aliases
    • • GPS Data Forwarding