MANTA - Paradigm Satellite Terminal

$ 105,000.00

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Kit Includes:

  • Self Pointing Flat Panel Antenna
  • 16W Ku-Band BUC & LNB
  • Integrated Wi-Fi with PoE
  • Separate Monitor & Control and Data Networks
  • Remote, Transport Case
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The Manta is a Flat, Lightweight Satellite Terminal that resides in one case as a complete solution. The device is a ruggedized PIM Terminal Controller with integrated modem and PF. The panel is low profile and discreet in any terrain. It has no moving parts, has self-pointing capability, and software beam forming and tracking.
  • • Flat, Lightweight
    • Ruggedised
    • Discreet, Low Profile Panel
    • Self-Pointing Antenna
    • Software Beam Forming and Tracking
    • No Moving Parts
    • Remote Control
    • Rapid Connectivity
    • High Throughput Data Services
    • Plug-and-Go