Iridium Beam RST980

$ 1,500.00

Kit Includes:

  • Beam SatDOCK Cradle
  • Beam Hands-free & Power Interface
  • Ram-mount steel mounting bracket
  • Interface and power cables
  • Speaker/Microphone
  • User and installation manual
  • Mounting adhesive/velcro
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The Iridium Beam RST980 hands-free vehicle kit, SatDOCK, is designed for the Iridium 9505A handheld satellite phone and provides a complete hands-free voice and data satellite telephone for various applications. In-vehicle Integration The Beam In vehicle kit allows for a quality semi-permanent installation to the vehicle. The antenna, microphone and speaker are simply installed in a convenient location within the vehicle and then the handset is easily inserted in the cradle when required. 

The SatDOCK is ideally suited to applications where the 9505A handset is always ready for use or where a hands-free operation is required such as that in a vehicle or aero installation. 

  • Phone Charging:

    • • The SatDOCK is designed to charge the battery of the 9505A whilst in the cradle.
    • • An LED on the front of the cradle indicates the status of the charging of the handset.
    Power Inputs / Power Features:
    • • The RST980 terminal supports a 10-32V DC power input which is suitable for most vehicles and vessel applications and can be an auxiliary/accessory power supply as well as constant power.
    • • The unit is equipped with some intelligent power off features that delay power off functionality after the ignition is turned off.
    • • There is also the option powering up the unit on accessory power in emergency applications.
    Robust Mounting Options:
    • • The SatDOCK is supplied with a high quality RAM-Mount fixing system to adapt to various installations.
    • • It is however also possible to mount the SatDOCK directly to a wall.