Intellian v240 Maritime VSAT

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Automatic frequency band switching

Featuring patented technology available only from Intellian, the v240M allows you to effortlessly and automatically switch between C-band and Ku-band satellites without any change of hardware above decks. The frequency band selection, can be controlled by the satellite modem, remotely by the operator, or conveniently at the ACU.

RF switch enabled modem mediator

The v240M can be supplied with a Modem Mediator as an option. This allows the user to install either one single satellite modem for both C and Ku-band, or two separate modems to support each frequency band. When operating in a network that offers intelligent beam switching, a single modem may be used. When the user requires the enhanced features of a more specialized modem, then the Modem Mediator manages this, removing the need to swap cables onboard!

Easy installation, setup and operation

With the v240M, installation and setup are easier than ever. Once a satellite’s peak signal position is acquired during first-time setup, the unit will automatically re-adjust accordingly every time it boots (bow, home sensor offset, azimuth, and elevation position), saving you huge amounts of time and effort.

Future proof satellite networks

With the v240M, end-users and service providers enjoy greater flexibility of space segment selection, allowing them access to either greater data rates, lower cost space segment, better performance, or enhanced regulatory compliance now, and into the future.

  • • Modem Mediator (Optional) – no need to swap cables between modems while offering a wide range of configuration flexibility
    • Wi-Fi supported ACU provides convenient connection to the ACU for setup and system monitoring.
    • TCP/IP supports a wide range of modem interface format (including Ethernet, console, RS232)