Intellian v100NX Ku-Ka Band VSAT

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Ku-Ka Dual Band Ready

The v100NX is the Ku- to Ka-band convertible antenna that can be simply converted from Ku- to Ka-band. The reflector and radome are frequency tuned for both satellite bands, ensuring maximum performance in both bands.

2.5GHz Wide-band Ka Ready

The v100NX uses 2.5GHz wide-band Ka tuned Radome & Reflector. It provides the convenience of not having to replace the Radome and Reflector when using 2.5GHz service in the future.

Standardized Modular Components Across NX Series

Modular components are used throughout the NX range, such as dynamic motor brakes with integrated encoders, Main Control Unit and skew assembly. Sharing common modules across Intellian's NX antenna series, the number of spare parts is reduced.

GEO/MEO/LEO Tracking Capability

The v100NX is ready for the future. Designed with the world's most accurate satellite tracking performance with our proven tracking algorithm covering GEO, MEO, and LEO constellations.

Single Coaxial Cable

The v100NX integrates RF and power cables into one coaxial cable. A single cable carries Tx, Rx, DC power, data, and reference signals between the antenna and the BDT.

New AptusNX

Intellian's all new integrated M&C platform, AptusNX provides responsive web user interface to manage and control the antenna system regardless of device types. Installation Wizard in AptusNX automates functions for system configuration so that operators are minimally involved in system installation and operation, including automatic cable loss compensation, line-up tests, and auto diagnostics.

  • • Ku-Ka Dual Band Ready
    • 2.5GHz Wide-band Ka Ready
    • Standardized Modular Components Across NX Series
    • GEO/MEO/LEO Tracking Capability
    • Single Coaxial Cable
    • New AptusNX