Blended Mobile Comms Kymeta U8 M6E6F

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Kit Includes:

  • Kymeta U8 LEO satellite terminal
  • M6E6F GateWay network aggregation device
  • Basic LTE, WiFi, and GPS antennas
  • 250GB pooled data transfer across blended networks
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Need reliable communications on the move no matter what?

Remote Satellite Systems is proud to provide an all-encompassing blended mobile communications solution!

Utilizing the M6E6F Firstnet Ready Gateway and the Kymeta U8 LEO Antenna, this package guarantees reliable connectivity and top-notch performance in almost any environment. Powered by Dejero's Smart Blending Technology, the M6E6F aggregates multiple connections from different satellite and LTE providers to add wireless capability to where you need it most. This solution for securely connecting to the Internet, cloud applications, and private networks includes the powerful Kymeta U8 LEO Antenna, the Dejero M6E6F Gateway with basic LTE, Wifi, and GPS antennas (upgrade options available), and 250GB of pooled data transfer across your blended networks (Valid 12 months, overages apply, refillable any time).

  • Kymeta U8 Features:
    • ELECTRONICALLY STEERED ANTENNA - Software-defined, reconfigurable, and updatable, the U8 satellite antenna operates over the complete Ku band.

    • DESIGNED FOR MOBILITY - Low profile and aerodynamic, the U8 antenna can be easily integrated into terminals designed for mobile platforms.

    • LOW POWER - With native DC operation, the U8 antenna requires very low power to point and track while on the move.

    • FLEXIBLE AND MODULAR - With support for multi-waveform openamip compatible modems, the U8 antenna can be integrated into many unique system configurations.

    • LEO READY - The U8 antenna anticipates the arrival of Ku-band LEO constellations. The U8 antenna can be updated to support LEO operation when available.

    M6E6F Gateway Features:
    • ALWAYS CONNECTED - Superior to a failover solution, stay connected using Dejero’s patented Smart Blending Technology.

    • PRIORITY ROUTING - Define priority connections to help manage costs and customize network utilization.

    • ENHANCED SECURITY - We keep your real-time video and data secure by dynamically routing packets over multiple connections.

    • RELIABLE CLOUD ACCESS - Access cloud-based applications without fear of losing connectivity in mobile environments.

    • GATEWAY USER INTERFACE - Simplify network management and make better, faster decisions by monitoring advanced characteristics of individual connections.

    • VPN SUPPORT - High-speed VPN support provides secure access to private networks from remote locations.