ASE Comcenter II-300 Indoor MC08

ASE Comcenter Indoor
$ 4,725.00
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The ASE Comcenter II-300 Indoor MC08 Unit is a powerful Fixed Station Terminal (FST) for the Iridium network. For applications where “Grab-and-Go” doesn’t apply–applications that wouldn’t be ideal for having a removable satellite phone, this is simple, straightforward terminal that has POTS (RJ-11) for phones nearby, or very far away. It also works very well with the Intelligent Handset (ASE-MNT01) if a POTS phone isn’t used.
  • • Enhanced Voice with RJ-11 (POTS) for PABX or wireless base station and Intelligent Privacy Handset
  • • SMS Texting with Embedded ASE SatChat and Intelligent Privacy Handset
  • • Enhanced Data with IP Port Forwarding for machine-to-machine (M2M) Apps and VSAT Diagnostics, and e-mail, weather info and blogs