ASE 9575 PTT Docking Station (In Field)

$ 1,390.00

Kit Includes:

  • Docking Station Only
  • POTS/RJ-11
  • 3m Mag Dual Antenna
  • Vehicle 3" Ram Swivel Mount (OPTIONAL)
  • Travel Bag
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The ASE 9575 PTT is capable of in-vehicle installations such as land vehicles and sea vessels. This feature allows for secure locking of the handset and docking station to eliminate vibration and ensure reliable communications even in the most rugged conditions.

The ASE 9575 PTT Docking Station is perfect for emergency teams, remote personnel, and constant communication

  • • Docking Stations for In-Field use (9575 PTT Handset not included)
  • • Antenna Solutions (OPTIONAL)
  • • RF Connectors – Iridium TNC(F), GPS: SMA(F)
  • • Hands Free Communication
  • • Charges 9575 PTT handset
  • • Mobility
  • • Provides Robust Connection to the Iridium PTT Network