Thuraya MCD Voyager


Remote Satellite has been working very closely with Thuraya Satellite lately with Thuraya IP+ Services and Hardware and they have improved their data service and lowered operating costs considerably. These light weight and portable satellite modems enable users to operate remote office operations at the most remote and hard to reach places in the world at a fraction of the cost. This is in direct comparison to Inmarsat BGAN type internet services.  With their new hardware Thuraya IP+ (same as the HNS-9202 BGAN terminal), they have defined particular African countries ( See attached Thuraya Flex-Plan Countries) that have greatly reduced Internet data rates. Attached are the Flex Plan Country list so you can look it over to see where this might be beneficial. This technology will definitely save a tremendous amount of money over BGAN and their network is operating extremely well. 

The biggest problems in the past with BGAN was the operating costs and with the new Thuraya unlimited plans (30 Giga Byte Plans) this is not an issue anymore not to mention the MB rate well under $0.50 per Mbyte in the Flexi regions. (On BGAN is it over $5.00 Mbyte) Considering the benefits of the terminal size, weight and ease of use this could be a tremendous asset to your outlying villages and missions.


The MCD Voyager is an auto-pointing  satellite terminal that requires no special training to operate. Simply turn it on under a sky.

  • Satellite Internet connectivity for half the globe.  See Service Plans. 
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot for all in-range devices up to 100 meters (328 feet!).
  • Broadband speeds of 444 Kbps down, 404 Kbps up.
  • Unlimited use Thuraya IP service
  • May be operated by anyone. No training or certification needed to operate.
  • Operates stationary or in-motion, on land or open ocean.
  • Weighs 11.5 kg and will run for up to 5 hours on internal battery.

Auto-Pointing Multi-Purpose Internet & Phone

The Thuraya MCD Voyager is very simple and quick to set up.  Just place the the case any surface with a clear view of the sky most anywhere in the eastern hemisphere, and power it up - no pointing necessary. Within a minute you will have a powerful WiFi hotspot accessible by any wireless device within a 100 meter range for up to 5 hours on internal battery power. The auto-pointing solution uses a high performance Thuraya Voyager in-motion terminal integrated with our proprietary mobile electronics for a self-contained user-friendly WiFi communications link.