MSAT G2 Flyaway Kit

MSAT G2 Flyaway Kit
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The power of the MSAT G2 Flyaway Kit is its Dispatch Push-To-Talk radio capability, perfect for broadcast, (one-to-many) over satellite communications. This kit houses all the basic components in one Ruggedized Hard Case with both AC and DC power capability.

A must for Public Safety professionals.

The MSAT-G2 radio supports continent-wide group and private Push-to-Talk (PTT) communications and the origination and reception of telephone calls. Additional features include GPS capability and flexible interconnectivity to a variety of 3rd party interfaces, and advanced satellite tracking capabilities, ensuring users can communicate regardless of where they are located. 

    • • Satellite Imagery
    • • Historical Track Information
    • • Group & Aliases
    • • GPS Data Forwarding

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