Thrane & Thrane Explorer 500

Thrane & Thrane Explorer 500
$ 3,125.00

Kit Includes:

  • Satellite Terminal
  • Battery Pack
  • Power Cable
  • AC/DC Adapter 15V 50W
  • Ethernet Cable (2M)
  • USB Cable (1.8M)
  • USBA/Mini USB
  • Getting Started CD With Drivers
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Thrane & Thrane Explorer 500. When travelling the world, you may experience that local terrestrial or cellular networks are unavailable or not working at all. Most people have experienced loss of signal on their cellular phones. Depending on the gravity of the situation, this can either make your work difficult or impossible. With Thrane & Thrane Explorer 500 it is neither. We give reliability and user friendliness the utmost priority through our cutting edge BGAN satellite service. This makes both voice communications and broadband connections crystal clear from anywhere in the world with the Thrane & Thrane Explorer 500.

  • • Talk on the phone
  • • Download and send e-mails
  • • Surf the Internet at speeds up to 464 kbps
  • • Log on to your corporate Intranet
  • • Transfer files
  • • Use standard encryption such as VPN
  • • Securely send and receive faxes
  • • Send text messages

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