Iridium Powered Filtered Active Antenna - PFA20

Iridium Powered Filtered Active Antenna - PFA20
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The PFA20 Active Filtered Iridium antenna is designed for use with specific lengths of coaxial cable terminated with type 'N' connectors, or a down-lead with an equivalent loss. Designed for hash environments, the PFA20 consists of two RHCP dipole antennae housed within a single 4mm thick GRP radome mounted on a common base. One antenna is for signal transmission and one for reception. A linear power amplifier within the base and connected to the transmitting antenna compensates for signal loss incurred mainly by the connecting cable. Similarly, a low noise amplifier is attached to the receiver antenna, via a low loss ceramic filter, to boost the signal sent to the telephone. The ceramic filter has a bandwidth of 50 MHz centered on the Iridium band to attenuate any out of band interference that may arise.

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