Toughsat XP 1.2M Flyaway Satellite System

$ 24,948.66

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Kit Includes:

  • TS2 Dual Matrix Controller
  • FlyAway 3 Piece System
  • Two-Wheel Dolly
  • Fly and Drive System
  • Quick Disconnect
  • 6U Roto Rack
  • iDirect Router
  • 6W or 8W BUC
  • LNB
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The TOUGHSAT XP Series Mobile Satellite Systems are designed for rugged reliability in the most challenging of environments. Quick one-button deployment provides high-speed Internet & phone connectivity in less than 3.5 minutes.

Both the 1.2 and .98 Meter TOUGHSAT XPs mount on top of any vehicle, truck or command trailer roof. Connecting is as easy as pressing the Find Satellite button on the XP controller. The dish will automatically deploy, lock on satellite and create a high-speed network for any in range computers, smartphones or other wireless devices.

All Weather - All Conditions The TOUGHSAT XP is built for extreme environments. Black anodized aluminum, UV resistant plastics, sealed onboard electronics, a no-backlash braking system and dish-arm shock absorbers for operating in high winds. Even strong magnetic distortions have no effect because the on-board acquisition routine does not require a compass reading. The Toughsat XP has superior IP-66 environmental ratings which means it handles extreme rain, snow and wind.

Premium Satellite Service - Single Source Remote Satellite offers both equipment and premium iDirect service that delivers up to an amazing 5 Mbps download and 2Mbps upload connecting speed. These speeds are possible because service is always below a contention ratio of 20:1. This is unlike consumer services that have a crawling ratio approaching 400:1. Our service is available when you need it, so while it may be more expensive, you get what you pay for with us.

Wireless Hot-Spot Each XP controller has an integrated router and wireless access point, so any wireless capable device within 100•À_ from the vehicle may connect. Wireless (via satellite) is far more reliable than cellular networks, both because satellite does not require a nearby cellular tower, and satellite is not affected by localized disasters that take cellular towers offline.

  • • One-button operation.

    • Requires little or no training to operate.

    • Dish peaking accuracy is within 0.1 degrees with near zero play.

    • Typical seek time to find and lock on satellite is 3.5 minutes.

    • Establishes a self-contained local area network with one button.

    • System is not affected by magnetic distortions to lock on any satellite.

    • Operates globally in both hemispheres. 4 or 6 Watt with 8 Watt optional.

    • Can find any liner Ku-Band satellite.

    • Modular design - components easily replaced if problems occur.

    • Operational in high winds.

    • No software to install.

    • Computer control is not required. Lifetime free firmware upgrading with easy one-button updates with active iDirect account.

    • Remote access into system from our support team for performance tuning and troubleshooting.

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