Sailor 100 Fleet One

$ 4,799.00
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The Sailor 100 Fleet One. Connectivity and communications at sea has become an expectation as it is on land. Improve your operations whilst enhancing fishermen’s welfare by low cost contact with family at home. Communications assist with fishing operations such as navigation, route planning/ optimisations, fish finding, fisheries governance and other regulations, LIFE fishing, catch reporting whilst reducing fuel costs. For the fishermen it can improve their morale onboard by low cost calls and emails to family at home, being able to check the news or sports results and feeling connected on the fishing boat to life on the shore. This can all be done whilst keeping a tight control on costs. Fleet One operates on Inmarsat’s I-4 satellites which are rigorously tested and proven as the choice for commercial mariners around the world.

  • • Safety Services
  • • Global Coverage
  • • Connectivity
  • • Unrivalled Reliability
  • • Seasonal Flexibility

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