MCD-4801 "The Football"

$ 12,995.00

Kit Includes:

  • MCD-4801 BGAN terminal case that includes the Hughes 9450
  • AC/DC charger
  • Mini-inverter for running off a vehicle power port
  • Quick Start Guide
  • International plugs
  • USB flash drive with user manuals, mobile status gadget, software
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Simply lay the case flat under the sky and press the power button inside the case. In one minute the MCD-4801 will connect with a BGAN satellite and establish a wireless hotspot for any in-range devices. Nicknamed “The Football”, this auto tracking BGAN terminal delivers broadband speeds of up to 464 Kbps to 11 concurrent wireless devices, all housed in a durable all-weather case that stays closed for full operation. Two external Ethernet ports (RJ-45) allow the connection of two external devices.
  • • No pointing - simply turn the unit on under the sky.
    • Does NOT require user interaction after turning it on.
    • No software to run. Establishes Wi-Fi hotspot automatically.
    • Up to 5 hours of internal battery life for normal use.
    • Case operates stationary or moving on land and ocean.
    • Ruggedized hardened plastic case. All weather operation.
    • Up to 100 meter WiFi range for up to 11 wireless devices.
    • Internet speeds of 464 Kbps download by 448 Kbps upload.
    • Two external Ethernet ports (RJ-45). Capped when not in use.
    • May be plugged into vehicle 12V power for continuous use.
    • Operates at -25°C to +70°C (-13°F to 158°F) temperatures.
    • May operate on any moving vehicle, boat or other platform.
    • Operates in heavy rain, and up to 20mm of ice build-up.
    • Internal fan keeps internal electronics cool in hot weather.
    • The MCD-4801 operates globally (except for the poles).
    • Portable - Ships UPS, FedEx, flight luggage anywhere.
    • Full IP compatibility - Internet, SMTP email, FTP and VPN

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