SkyLink ComCenter

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Kit Includes:

  • IP67-Rated Enclosure
  • 300' Antenna Cable
  • Ethernet, RJ11, and DC Cables
  • Additional Pole and Rail mounts available
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Introducing SkyLink ComCenter, the ultimate solution for uninterrupted emergency communications. Powered by Iridium Certus, it offers 2 HD satellite voice lines and a midband data service at 88 Kbps download and 22 Kbps upload speeds. Stay connected via Wi-Fi, send and receive messages, and receive automated SOS alerts for real-time situational awareness. By adding a UPS to the ComCenter, never lose connectivity during network and power grid disruptions.

  • Device Features:

    • 2x HD analog voice lines
    • Messaging & email communications
    • Simple installation & easy to use
    • Advanced local firewall
    • Wi-Fi capable
    • SOS switch for emergency reporting

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